Friday, 2 April 2010

OMG it's winter!

Just back from base camp (it's near enough that we'll drive over in the morning). (that is, if there's not too much snow on the road). It is friggin' nasty out there! Everybody told me this is the worst weather they've seen all winter. (whimper).
The wet snow was blowing so hard I had to slow to 30mph, and even then could barely see the road. (whine).

But - there's an amazing turnout for the ride! (A whole bunch of Owyhee Tough Suckers!). Everybody was happy and cheerful (though shivering a bit) and just glad to be at a ride. For most, this is the first ride of the season. Lots of fresh horses. Lots of riders with a whole season of rides and goals ahead of them.

So, ride we will. And the trail should be perfect. It's quite a bit warmer and drier at Regina's (about 1000 ft lower elevation) and the trails are nice and sandy. The forecast is for a high of 49, partly cloudy, 10-13 mph winds. Not too bad.

The truck is packed, the horses are blanketed and spending the night in the pens. For some reason Merri didn't want to have to cross the creek and find them in the pre-dawn. We're ready to pull out at 7am. We'll see how it looks in the morning! hopefully it won't be all white out there... But, if it is I suppose we could just ride the horses over - it's only 13 miles by trail. That would be a nice warmup. hmmm...


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