Friday, 16 April 2010

Leaving Grenada

no time to gather photos - just an update:

tomorrow morning we start the 7th day. into the mountains we'll go - there is snow at 9000 ft so we've been told to dress warm.

Today was 'descanso' - a day of rest in Grenada. Several of us spent the afternoon being tourists - we visited La Alhambra - one of the most amazing places I've seen. From the time of the Moors - the year 1238 (that's REALLY OLD) - incredible. I'll post photos, and a little more on the history of this city on the hill, later - mas tarde.

What an incredible thing this event is.

Two more days of race. There's less than 5 minutes difference between the first and second place 'binomios' - single rider, single horse. The 'equipos' - two horses, one or two riders - have a little more time spread, but with two days left anything is possible. I spent quite a bit of time tonight talking with one of the riders - a Basque, from northern Spain. He's riding a mare that he's had for several years. He and this mare rode across Spain, from shore to shore and through the Pyrenees mountains, three years ago. They took three months to cross the country. He's riding the same mare in this ride. His first 'race' - many miles together, but never to compete.

so... a few hours sleep tonight, then up early, and off again.

buenas noches :)


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