Friday 26 August 2016

Dear Diary: Summer is flying by. August 26

August 26

My good friend Christoph Schork is in Namibia this week, for the Walvis Bay Endurance Ride, brings back memories...

In 2006 I spent a couple weeks in Africa - going to this ride, which was the African Endurance Championship, and also the Saldana ride in South Africa. It was a fantastic trip including riding through a game reserve and being chased by a white rhino. (fast horses). Christoph's adventures are going to be equally wonderful, and it's been fun for me going back through my stories and photos and 'being there' again. For anybody wanting to read my stories, they're at - The South Africa trip, and - The Namibia trip.

I look back at some of the adventures I've had thanks to the horses, and the sport of endurance riding. Hard to believe sometimes!

An excerpt from the South African 'Saldanha Ride' story- The course wound around the bay - a lovely cove with rocky outcrops, sand shallows at low tide, Southern Right Whales spouting and rolling in the water, dolphins, gulls, cormorands, other shore birds that looked just a little different to me. We crossed several flat or rolling sections of flower covered land - big granite outcrops, smooth gray and white stones thrust in every direction, piled on top of each other. and the flowers were incredible. The whole ride takes place in a Nature Conservation area. Preserving the flora - the special coastal plants and wildflowers, the kudu (large african game animal), the tortoises, the whales, - plus a variety of other mammals. Very wild and natural habitat.

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Tuesday 16 August 2016