Saturday 25 January 2014

Jaziret Bey Musc, a truly great horse.

Thanks Bev Gray for a wonderful poem:

To Rhett a Cloud Horse!
I hear you call my name out loud
To my pasture the Cumulus cloud
Do not cry for me my friend
I did not die, it’s not the end.

My reflections’ in the crystal spring
I’m with the song the meadowlark sing
I’ll guide you through the rugged ride
Turn a round, I’m at your side.

Look for me on antelope trail.
Feel me in the Rockies hail.
Breathe me deep the rain on sage.
I’m always there, I do not age.

Hear my nicker to guide you home.
Follow my hooves in the granite stone.
My shelter is the forest tree.
The gate is open, I’m set free.

Ride me bareback though the flow
Of winter wheat in the snow,
Or marble canyon with full moon.
Think of me, I’m endless June.

I’m saddled for you everyday,
To dance Outlaw, I know the way.
Above the glow of Bryce we’ll fly.
Remember me, I did not die.

Here's Rhett earning his 6000 mile medalion!

part 1:

part 2: