Wednesday 9 March 2016

Dear Diary: Let it be Spring. March 8

Since I decided that the first day of Spring was March 6, the weather gods have been testing me.

I pruned the grape vines and the choke cherry and honey locust trees. I cleaned out the gardens to give the emerging lilies and gladiolas some fresh air and light. I ordered strawberry plants for our hydroponic strawberry growing thing, raked out the old strawberry beds in the vegetable garden. Ready!

After dropping John off at the airport yesterday I stopped by D&B - my favorite garden/feed/hardware store - and low and behold their greenhouse was set up and they had a huge selection of garden and landscape plants ready for purchase. They must know it is Spring too.

Of course I had to take advantage of 'senior Tuesday' and stock up on plants and seeds. "Plant in spring as soon as soil can be worked".

Yet, there is fresh snow on the greening foothills, several days of rain and wind here in the valley, and the sky is rather threatening this morning. A bit nippy too. The horses look so happy just munching hay, why bother them? I wonder if I should wait to plant...

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