Monday 21 March 2016

Dear Diary: Let it be Spring. March 20

I planted a few of the bedding plants last week, the rest are still in their greenhouse containers. We’ve had two weeks of very frustrating weather, lots and lots of wind and wind. I planted the strawberry plants in their hydroponic outfits, the next night we had a hard freeze (which was not predicted). Hopefully they’ll survive and I won’t have to replant. It’s now officially springtime (half way between the evil dark side and the glorious light side as noted by weather obsessed individuals like myself).

But, life with horses goes on - I’ve been riding (even in the wind, which merits a badge of fortitude), and I took the grandkids to their first ‘horsey’ lesson with Beth - a talented and ambitious young woman - her big new project, raising Welsh ponies - read Beth's story here ).

They seemed to enjoy their lesson - Beth is a very kind and patient soul, and they were attentive students. Her first lesson day ended with a lay down (soft and gentle) of her Welsh pony Ardreth, and the kids caressing him as he lay there.

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