Tuesday 22 March 2016

Dear Diary: Let it be Spring. March 22

Since the weather has been challenging these past few weeks, I've been spending a fair amount of time indoors. Lately we've been having problems with our internet connection. (perhaps the weather gods and the internet gods are colluding to force me to clean house). It does remind me though how dependent we've become on the Net for just about everything.

How living in a remote place such as Oreana, while still staying connected and running a business, is possible. And of course living with a tech wizard makes it all so easy too. We installed a solar powered radio tower on a ridge above our ranch, which relays signals from a tower in the Owyhee Mountains (War Eagle), which relays a signal from the network company in Boise. So simple. As long as we keep the backup batteries on our tower charged during the dark foggy winter days, and as long as John and the company in Boise keep things running.

This week John is in Washington DC. He spent a year there recently, as a 'Presidential Innovation Fellow' - a stint as a private industry expert invited to work with the Government to modernize and advance technologies. He's back now with some proposals and ideas to carry forward some of the work he did there. Exciting stuff.

So that leaves me with a temperamental internet (John thinks we may need a new router) and no wizard to soothe it's dark moods. And I think I've reached my limit when it comes to cleaning house. Another cool windy day... I'll have to dig deeper for projects to keep me busy.

This image of the continental United States at night is a composite assembled from data acquired by the Suomi NPP satellite in April and October 2012. The image was made possible by the satellite's "day-night band" of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS), which detects light in a range of wavelengths from green to near-infrared and uses filtering techniques to observe dim signals such as city lights, gas flares, auroras, wildfires and reflected moonlight.
Credit: NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC

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