Monday 25 April 2016

Dear Diary: Let it be spring. April 4

My 16,000 mile American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) patch came today - that’s 16,000 miles worth of endurance rides in the USA!

And here’s a thanks to the horses and the endurance miles they earned for me. Some had short careers for one reason or another (sickness, arthritis, injury, age, attitude) some stayed with me for a long time. Some were ridden by others as well as me. They were all special in some way!

  • Tiaro - my first Arabian endurance horse! scrawny and ugly but tough and loved to run. 1025 miles (1075 total)
  • Carrousell Vision - beautiful and capable Arabian. 1075 miles (just me)
  • Viargo - Carol's horse, a great ride. 50 miles (375 total)
  • CMR Benewah - fast and barely broke and loved to run. 525 miles (1200 total)
  • OMR Kalligraphy - ex race horse, awesome ride, retired due to arthritis. 150 miles (805 total)
  • Nature’s Quicksilve - half Russian Orlov Trotter - amazing mare. 680 miles (2200 total)
  • Nature’s Khruschev - half Russian Orlov Trotter - fast, safe, sane, tough, the best. 2865 miles (3415 total)
  • Nature’s Fantastic - half Russian Orlov Trotter - fast, but had a mean streak. 525 miles (575 total)
  • Bunchuk - pure Russian Orlov Trotter - imported from Russia as a driving horse. fast trot!!! 520 miles (1125 total)
  • Great Santin i - a rescue horse, Arabian, tough and game. 1305 miles (2455 total)
  • Sukaro HCC - ranch bred Arabian 'tougher than snot'. 325 miles (3625 total)
  • Jaziret Bey Musc - the best endurance horse - tough, fast, fun. 4105 miles ( 6620 total)
  • AM Bold Destiny - Heidi's horse. beautiful Arabian. 100 miles (840 total)
  • Jose Viola - the most fun horse to ride - happy, willing, tough. 450 miles (3985 total)
  • Ravenwood Dark Desire - aka Batman - fast and bold, a true superhero. 750 miles (2014 total)
  • Owyhee Smoke Signal - aka Smokey - born here at the ranch, a strong minded mare, a great ride. Many more miles together I hope! 455 miles (just me!)

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    1. Congratulations, that is an amazing accomplishment! And it doesn't tally the training miles, the driving to ride miles, the shoveling poop hours, and all the other work that went into 16,000 miles.