Monday 2 August 2010

Steph's Tevis Story: Conclusion

(part 1 here)
(part 2 here)
(part 3 here)

The End


  1. What a great vision of that bridge...the expressions on the horses' faces is priceless.

    This is such a special version of the ride, it deserves some kind of buckle all its own.

    Again, congratulations on your finish. Everyone who rode positively amazes me!

    Oh, by the way, I'm glad the sleeping human is in the back seat and not behind the wheel. *G*

    Thanks for letting me "join" you on the ride.

  2. Just wonderful! I have always admired endurance riders and horses, and secretly wanted to do it. I have tons of books, LOL. Your version of the trail is great! I bet you could make a few bucks off of it with t-shirts and a book. I would buy a book to share with my granddaughter!

    Congratulations on your finish! I can't imagine how magnificent it must feel to ride into that arena for the finish line!

  3. I think the bridge one needs to be a T shirt. I'd buy one!

  4. Loved the TEVIS CARTOON. It totally depicted the whole life changing experience. Sorry your crew at Robinson Flat was so disorganized. We did try hard to improve by Forest Hill. Kara & Chris Yost

  5. oh, I'm not sure I could do that bridge!