Monday, 16 August 2010

Pink Flamingo Classic: The Whole Story

Intro (part 1)

Part 2 - arrival

Part 3 - getting ready

Part 4 - Day 1

Part 5 - Day 2 and The End

Part 2: Arrival

Part 3: Getting Ready

Part 4: Day 1

Part 5: Day 2 and The End

The End


  1. This is SO much better than average blogging. At this rate, you will have a book! Once again, this is great.

  2. Too much fun--want to do a ride where you are:)

  3. gawds this is awesome! I think I have to try something similar for Storm... this is too cute!

  4. I totally love your blog.
    I'm a visual person so you pictures with directions are super.