Saturday, 31 July 2010

Tevis Story: Part III

(part 1 here)

(part 2 here)

(part 3 here)

(conclusion here)

 be continued.


  1. It is amazing how such simple drawings can express so much of the challenge and excitement of the ride. You have a rare gift of humor and artistry here.

    And besides, it's just downright FUN!! Thanks so much for posting and once again, Congratulations!!

  2. okay Steph Chris and I have been laughing so hard!!! If not a book at least T-shirts??? I'll put my orders in I think I want two of each shirt.OMG this is the best ever!

  3. I love the Cailfornia trail-and quarry-Chris and I worked the quarry

  4. Thinking out of the box!! Very good Steph...

  5. Hi Steph, definitly I will publish in the next issue of my e-magazine... I am laughing....laughing. It is the best article about a ride.... Congratulations. Felicitaciones. Cidinha